About Us

Carob Turkey

We opened Turkey's first integrated carob processing plant with incentives from the state. Since its foundation the superior quality of our products has been of the upmost importance to us and we have consistently added to our range of products and increased our share of the market.

We use the latest american technology and technical information at every stage of production. Our production facilities are in keeping with the turkish food production codex and all our products are certified by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs. We registered the trademark keboy in 1986 and all our products are sold under this brand in both the domestic and export markets.

In our early years after processing the core and the flesh of the carob fruit we sold it on the domestic and export markets. In later years we expanded our product base and in 1986 we became the first carob producer to become a registered trademark trading under the brand name keboy and sold carob powder and later carob molasses, mulberry molasses and samphire molasses.

Our goal is to promote these 100% natural and curative products produced from plants specific to the mediterranean region to people all over the world and facilitate the growth and development of strong Carob Turkeyhealthy future generations.